Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Art show

I have an art show at my favourite coffee shop. The piece below is completed and hanging on the wall, if you get a chance check it out. It will be up for the month of April :) 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

In progress 2'by4'

This piece will eventually be a historical building on the bottom and a modern high-rise building on the top. I haven't had a lot of time as of late, but I will slowly work on it. :) The top of the building will have a slightly modern (Victorian) twist. 
I will add a restaurant in the center of the building with the park above.

The week in college/Stark series 2'by4'

The week in college
The first thing I will say is that when I think about making art, I think about how it will be viewed years from now. I'm hoping to convey a concept or situation. The first thing I noticed in college was the building & just how many chairs there were. So many people and so many chairs, and that's how this piece began.
I took a short one-week college program in February, I explored  potential careers or programs I might enjoy learning. 
My past school experiences were quite harsh. This STARK piece reflects my fears, and anxiety of being in such a stressful environment once again......The black gouged sphere represents the so-called elephant in the room, The pressure, hopes and fears of students going to College in a somewhat uncertain future. 
Lol. I love my stark series! 

Personally I had a fantastic week in college. At the end I decided not to go to school but to find my dream job of being a high-rise window washer. Believe it or not I actually got the job!
Ps. One of these chairs is just a square. Maybe you can find it? 

I live in a great neighborhood! 11"by14"

The balancing act 11"by14"

Pressure! 11"by14"

Friends in the city 2'by4'

Whats in a home? 1'by2'

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The bird watcher, Synesthesia and the Stainglass forest. 2'by4'

Everyones excited to get to the park! 2"by4"

The shaman traveling through the universe. 2'by4'

Flower power and the shag carpet. 6"by6"

And many UFOs landed that night! 6"by6"

You can see a 15sec time laps video of the art inside the art on my Instagram/blairsart

The construction site.

I am one of these guys who just loves looking through the boards at construction sites. In this piece i was trying to get the perspective of looking down and up at the same time. 2'by4'

The steps, the dreaded steps!

The steps, the dreaded steps! 2'by4' 
This piece was inspired by my love of old Victioian homes & and also 
being trapped in my home for months 
with a broken leg.
Victorian homes are so beautiful but are not that accessible 
for people with mobility needs. Lol

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Toronto outdoor Art exhibition.

I am at the art show this weekend. Booth b11. 
It was a great turnout yesterday, I was told we have really great show this year! 
I will try to sneak out my booth for a bit today and look around. 
I hope to see you! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I will update my blog very soon.

I will be at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition July 4.56th booth B11 

Friday, March 14, 2014

The homestead! 1'by2'

The homestead! 
Farm land and our natural resources are under valued in my opinion. Unlike some industries that only take from our earth. Farms, forests and wetlands if managed correctly can give back to our economy and mankind Indefinitely. Allot of our countries best farm land and forests are gone and are now Acres upon acres of factories and housing complexes. 
I really believe we should learn From our mistakes & build tall and save the rest of the land for better and more delightful things. 
I hope you enjoy this art! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have been working on this for the last 3 weeks

The Windturbine condo and a great sense of community!  6'by3'

I have a bunch of time laps videos on Instagram/blairsart 
If you would like to see the detailed art inside the condo.
I think I have another week or 2 left :) 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tonight! Sacred Gallery NYC 424 Broadway 2nd Floor, Soho 8pm

Modern pyrography by Blair McLean
Artist statement

These eco-inspired works, including my Green roof series, wereinspired by the concept of creating new, natural spaces to compensate for the land we have used, such as green roof parks that help create a sense of community in an otherwise wastedspace.

Some of my landscape work you see here was inspired by my love of nature, architecture, and modern design. Titles are very important in my work and often reflect my opinions on the world - most of the abstract art inside the homes is titled and can be found on the back of each piece. The title of this show is a critique of architectural designs that utilize horizontal area while ignoring vertical space.

The wind turbine series was inspired by my concept of living in a futuristic, wind-turbine home. The home would always have a changing view and it could power itself while leaving a minimal ecological footprint.

As a side project, I have been working on an abstract pyrography series. Here you will a see few select pieces that speak to various environmental themes as well as my daily struggles in a busy, modern world.